This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

How do you do a 19th anniversary show without first saying thank you to the Freak Nation. Without you no one would care about The Freaks. Thank you.

SC_FreaksIt’s crazy to think about where we’ve come from. One hour. One station. And one night we only had one mic to share between us.

We’ve been in studios where the trash wasn’t emptied until we emptied it ourselves. We had giant crows camped outside one studio. Now I’m in a studio where I can watch deer amble by the window.

There have been drivers who’ve become friends. Drivers who are no longer with us. Drivers who were so lengendous you had to pay attention that they were actually talking to us. Nineteen years of life changing memories.

One of the biggest memories for me? The people who thought we wouldn’t make it 19 weeks much less 19 years. A couple of them are in jail now and we’re still spending Sunday nights with you.

The Freaks are 19 years down the road and still grabbin’ gears still accelerating and still looking for 19 more.