This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

There was a time when NASCAR prided itself on being different than stick and ball sports. Fans and officials alike would point at the police blotters, on court mischief and fan drunkenness in the stands and proudly say: “We don’t act like that.”

And I’ve heard all the rationalizations. Racing is filled with emotions and tension. Racers don’t have a chance to take out their aggressions on other competitors when they’re strapped in their cars. I’ve heard others.

I guess manufactured finishes and rules that change annually to make up a reason for end-of-the-season tensions weren’t enough.

Why don’t we blame officials who won’t control races or throw a flag and penalize drivers for rough driving. Maybe that’s what’s needed to reign it in before someone doesn’t get up fast enough after a race.

In baseball, fans are beating people with hammers. In NASCAR competitors are being attacked with 3600 pound bludgeons and no one thinks that’s something to worry about.

To me that’s tedium in the extreme.