This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Nothing I could say could change your mind about the Lewis Hamilton/Max Verstappen accident on the first lap of Silverstone Sunday.

So, instead, consider this: The Hamilton Commission this week released a report on improving diversity in the Formula One industry.

Lewis Hamilton launched the study after looking at a near black free end-of-season photo in 2019.

Lewis Profile

More than 700 interviews were gathered and 80 plus F1 stakeholders were talked with to gather data.

The study this week said of the thousands of jobs in F1 only one percent are filled by people with black backgrounds. The report said almost half the schools in Britain have no black, Asian or minority teachers.

Before Sunday’s race Lewis told Skysports that he’d experienced the latter when a teacher made a campaign of kicking him out of school when he was growing up.

He said his goal now is to change what he found.

That will be hard considering the name calling and charges aimed at the seven-time champion after Sunday’s accident.