This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

I fully understand and have accepted by dinosaurness. I often laugh at myself hearing my dinosaur Dad in my thoughts and comments.

I say this reflecting back on a news release received last week announcing a former American rally champion’s new website. I clicked over on the link and found a site that hadn’t been updated since August. Some of the material was promoting events that happened a year ago. And, finally, the background images promoted a manufacturer the driver was no longer driving for.

And I have a constant frustration with broadcast journalists who continue to promote the clichés when they don’t work anymore. I heard one SportsCenter anchor Sunday morning refer to Roger Federer as the best tennis player of all-time. Roger Federer isn’t even the best tennis player of his generation after losing to Rafael Nadal again in the Australian Open this weekend.

Nadal 9-2 against Federer in major tournaments.

And the live timing and scoring on the IMSA website is displayed more than a minute behind the timing and scoring on the telecast.

And they never told me the commercials from both the ALMS and Grand-Am telecasts would merge too so it seems we had twice the breaks on the Rolex 24 platforms this weekend.

I truly am a dinosaur.