This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

The trees outside my studio seemed like they erupted green Saturday afternoon.

Don’t know if it’s possible but I was looking at bare trees, looked away, then looked back and there was green growth.

Maybe that’s spring. It’s hard to remember after decades in Southern California.

2021 Bristol Dirt

I’m starting to feel the same way about NASCAR strangely enough. Last year it was traditional. Bare branches and all.

This year it’s something different. Even the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I know this experiment with dirt racing at Bristol has been delayed because of spring rains in Tennessee. But that’s just a piece of the issue. So is the weekend format that needs some serious rehab work.

We’re seeing different attitudes about racing and there are names that are budding just like the leaves popping out of those bare branches outside.

You think this is a rite of spring or a climate change in NASCAR? I hope it’s climate change. I don’t know if racing in circles will ever get to the top of my pyramid but it’s fun watching new ideas emerge from old branches that slept through far too many winters.