This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit…

Competition is hard. It’s tough to look someone in the eye and declare: “I’m better than you.” Proving it is difficult in the extreme.

That’s why it requires a certain mindset in any competition but especially in non-team competition where you’re one-on-one against someone who thinks just like you do.

Pato OwardI read some comments from IndyCar driver Pato O’Ward this weekend. Pato told Marshall Pruett he was trying to find his center again.

This was after a great season last year that was full of celebrations and smiles. So many that O’Ward spent the off-season flirting with the McLaren F1 team. Funny what a new year brings though.

We’re very early in the IndyCar season but O’Ward admits to struggling and listening to the voices in his ears and head.

They’re telling him to do this and that with results down from last year. It’s so hard to stay in your head and not your ears.

Ask the greats like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady or Tiger Woods. It takes more than talent to rise to the top and stay there.

That’s why success is so confusing. The difference between winning and losing is a blink. A shadow at the center of self. Tough to find sometimes.