This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Some notes from watching racing this weekend.

I was ready to congratulate IMSA Sunday for a series of promotional videos without any crashes to sell to the television audience. Then the race started and the field tried to get through turn one at Indy.

Then there were the Ford commercials during the race telecast on NBC. They were bragging about success and innovative products from Detroit.

Union concessions helped keep them in business during the recession and now those same UAW workers are forced out onto picket lines while profits rain down.

The IMSA race was solid. One lead change came under yellow and it was a legal move. Then there was traffic and the lead was surrendered again. Legally as well.

It’ll be worth watching the overnight TV ratings. The Battle on the Bricks went on the air at the same time as the early NFL games Sunday afternoon.

And finally, for those who continue to Boo Darrell Wallace in the NASCAR playoffs, keep doing it. Former champions are dropping out. He keeps soldiering on.

Who knows, your cheerleading might be encouraging to the 23XI Racing team.