This is the Statt Mann Baby. It's time to Scatt a little bit.

Lots of headlines and back stories surrounding the motor racing this weekend.

In addition to the NASCAR drama in Florida, there was the return of Formula One racing to the U.S. in Austin, Texas.

There was the hope that McLaren could win another F1 round with Lewis Hamilton before the former World Champion took his talent to Mercedes next year; and that happened.

And there was the story I heard on the BBC this afternoon that defending champion Sebastien Vettel and former champion Fernando Alonso were frustrated with Hamilton this weekend because he’d inserted himself into this year’s title chase.

When Hamilton won at Circuit of the Americas Sunday he took an additional seven points from both Vettel and Alonso who now are locked in a fight for points going to the F1 finale in Brazil next weekend.

The BBC said both were upset with Lewis for winning, evidently. I guess they wanted him to pull over and let the real drivers get on with it.

Curious too that when Hamilton wins, the gold medal talk from Bernie Ecclestone returns. He’d like to see a points battle replaced with a medal battle throughout the season.

Some things never end, do they?