This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Earlier this week I noticed a Tweet that moaned the sponsorship woes surrounding two young and brilliant IndyCar drivers, Colton Herta and Patricio O’Ward.

Patricio OWardColton HertaTheir money problems were supposed to be an indication of growing troubles in the sport.

But upon further review, you might look at the drivers themselves and the state of all racing in 2019.

A very quick look at the Social Media presence of O’Ward and Herta shows there are far less than fifty thousand fans following both drivers even when you combine their published Twitter and Facebook followers.

Certainly, that’s a lot when you consider public accounts. But looking at celebrity accounts that’s a minuscule number. Sponsors these days want to audience return for their investments. Winning, losing and performance are secondary considerations.

Now, if you want to argue the value of that, then have it. But if you want sponsor support today, you need to create a universe the sponsors want to visit.