This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

I talked with Travis Pastrana as he drove home from a Subaru event with some Pennsylvania children this week.

He gave me lots of background on his incredible run at the Rally of Mexico P-WRC event several weeks ago.  But more to the point was his reaction to questions about racing pressures and the like.

Thankfully he avoided the clich?s about self pressures and the desire to win.  He said no amount of money is enough to compensate an athlete like him who has the consuming desire to win.  That desire is pressure free.  It’s who he is.

He said many would gladly accept, say, five million dollars to run supercross but hardly anyone would work as hard as a Ricky Carmichael to be successful and win.

Would Travis want to return to supercross with the new found maturity that age and rallying have bestowed?

He said he rides with several athletes who compete in supercross and knows how fast they are.  But he said James Stewart can make them look like C riders.   He chuckled and suggested that supercross might have passed him by.

I continue to be a Travis Pastrana fan.  So much candor and so little pretense. 

It’s going to be fun watching him grow into a veteran competitor… and man.