Editor's Note: The SpeedFreaks recently asked The Freak Nation if a reunification of the IRL and Champ Car would return American open wheel racing to a status greater than NASCAR.  The vast majority of respondents said "No," NASCAR had nothing to fear from a reunified open wheel series.  Here's a sample response…

What's all the big deal about whether the reunification of the IRL and Champ will make them better than NASCAR? They will just be different, and that's all. I have been around racing in one form or the other since the late 1950's and I think I know what I like and why.

I am 100 percent a NASCAR fan. Why do I like this form of racing over IRL, Champ or F1? It's simple! Nascar has vehicles that people can identify with and whether you drive a Dodge,Chevy,Ford, or Toyota you have something to identify with and to argue about. In the other forms of raceing the vehicles really aren't mentioned as to what the engine is and where it is made, nothing about the transmission.

I know you all think people, especially women, aren't intrested, but I believe more are intrested than you think.

Before I became disabled and had to retire, I worked in a very large trades shop in an AT&T plant.  There were some 60 or more people in the shop. Thirty-five to 40, were NASCAR fans, three to five IRLin that they watched the Indy 500.  And the rest really did not care one way or the other.

My point is the public will decide what they want to support and you all can't change their mind. I know if all they have to offer is the ass that used to be with KISS, and some bubble headed bleach blonde with her tits hanging out, count me out.