This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Fall football, the NFL playoffs, the road to the Super Bowl, they’re all American rituals at this time of the year.

Blame NFL profit sharing for some of it.  Spreading the wealth keeps every team competitive, every fan hopeful and every game worth watching.  When everyone can win, everyone benefits.

The NBA has a similar business model and it has enormous success.

Baseball, well Major League Baseball has lost its mind and, I bet, thousands of fans when they come back to earth in a couple months at spring training.

Motor racing doesn’t share money.  Like Wall Street, that business will find that greed is no longer good in 2009 and we won’t have to wait months for the evidence.

NASCAR teams are bailing right and left leaving one or two with a chance to win the event.  That’ll get old, trust me.

Supercross, a hugely successful business with enormous fan appeal is finding some challenges.  Normally sold out Anaheim I had lots of empty seats last night and those seats cost a fraction of what they’re asking in NASCAR.

Let’s hope it won’t get as bad as it might as the racing season approaches.