Wow, here's to SpeedFreaks… my fellow Freaks who have rolled with it for SEVEN shining years together.  Well, of course when you start a company from scratch, you won't have all shining moments, but there sure have been some tremendous times these past SEVEN anos. 

Damn, can you believe it?  Here we are… without sounding cliche, it does seem like just yesterday when we started it all… one station, one mic.

And as we Freaks burst on the scene SEVEN years ago, and as we continue to champion today, we are different.  We don't sell out to the typical, boring racing coverage you fans are smothered with… and with that said, we have kept going when no one believed we'd last one year in our edgy style.  Ha, ha, ha!  We have proven ourselves… to you fans, to the PR doubters, to the drivers, to the sponsors… we have stomped all over the test of time.

So let me pimp one of my favorite musicians yet again, because he said it best… and I've been rocking to these phrases all month in anticipation of this day.
  Kid Rock lyrics from title song "Devil Without a Cause":
      Already did what most love shout
      SEVEN years on [m]ax and I still ain't sold out
      And there ain't no doubt… in my mind
      That I'm-a stomp all over your test of time
      I'm going Platinum!

Yep, it's a SEVEN celebration in the Freaks Pits this weekend!

Sort of.

Like I said, it hasn't always been easy.  There are the growing pains and typical business difficulties and behind the scenes arguments that happen no matter who you work for or work with… but even harder are some of the issues that hit home.  Today, on the SEVEN year 'celebration' it is no different.  Each one of us on the crew have lost family members, pets and friends through these SEVEN years.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we lost our good friend Eduardo, one of the kids from America's Baby Cancer Foundation.

Now today, sadly, it seems to be happening again.  And when you have a company as small as SpeedFreaks, we are one big family… when one of us is hurt, we all are hurt.

We just learned that Lugg Nuttz' Mom is about to slip into a coma after suffering 2.5 years with stage 4 lung cancer, without ever smoking a cigarette in her life.  Truly, how can we celebrate a milestone when one of our biggest fans is suffering?  Well, let's just say that God works in mysterious ways. 

SEVEN is not only a large number in the Freaks Pits this weekend, with SEVEN years of SpeedFreaks, but also SEVEN is quite mystical as well.  In the bible, the symbolism for SEVEN is that it represents fullness, completeness, totality and universality.  Also, SEVEN expresses completeness through union of the earth with heaven.  All of life revolves around SEVEN and the word of God is founded upon the number SEVEN.  And according to Revelation 10:SEVEN we read,
    "In the days of the voice of the SEVENTH angel, when he shall
     begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished.”

I think that pretty much sums it up… Mamma Nuttz, you have been there from Day One… and are here with us through year SEVEN.  Thanks for the memories, the support and for being such a fighter… God is ready for you now.  

And here's to you proudly laughing at us from the heavens for another SEVEN strong years.

God Speed.