Excuse me while I whip this out for another Sargent give and go.

This is Nuttz on North Korean NASCAR…

North Korea’s economy is roughly $23.5 billion or about half of Microsoft’s annual sales, according to the L. A Times.

What would those cats think if we rolled up 43 NASCAR paint cans and put on a red, white and blew-doors show for the repressive country? Man, the loins are already mystifying!

So Steve Foley, the San Diego Charger linebacker laid up with lead in his body from an off duty Coronado police officer who took it upon himself to rid the streets of a potential deathtrap on wheels, was charged last week with drunk driving. Foley had a blood alcohol content of point-two-three!

Uh…how many Freakin’ highballs does take it take to get a .23 BAC?

Oh yea, Foley’s follies were going for the five spot. He has been arrested at least five times since 1999, including cases that police say involved alcohol and confrontations with officers.

But, here’s the stellar NFL players act that turned my tummy before the hooch revelation… watching fellow Chargers do the Foley Line Dance on the field after big defensive plays in a salute to their fallen comrade. N.F.U.L.

Mark Martin is still with us. You saw the hit in turn 4 at Charlotte. Dale Earnhardt is not with us. You saw the hit in turn 4 at Daytona.  October is National Spinal Cord Injury Month:

Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, in accordance with Senate Joint Resolution 249, do hereby proclaim the month of October 1982, as "National Spinal Cord Injury Month," in recognition of the courage of those who live with spinal cord injury and the efforts of scientists who are seeking answers.

Last month I heard another "head shaker" of story about a motorsports star.

For this motorsports pilot, he’s never faced certain failure. Really, it’s not for me to judge but I go by what I see, hear and generally "gut out."

This cat has the potential to change the face of sports again. I said, change sports, not just his. I mean in a Jordon, Earnhardt, Ali, Woods, King, Schumacher, Sorenstam, Pel? kind of way.

So far, he’s hitting singles and doubles. He needs to go yard, one after another and soon. Will he? Game winners? My gut? No.

Why? He has no sense memory of a BIG loss. No sense of what it is like to taste a brutal loss.  I'm not talking a DNF loss, it's a type of loss where there is nowhere to land. Where you are doing nothing but looking up and with no one to assist.

Most of the aforementioned Freakin’ trailblazers have had this experience in one form or another. 

Man, it’s not an easy read but I recommend it. Men and women must kneel hard and heavy in the depths of defeat and the dearth of seclusion before the scent of success can be sealed in the cerebellum.

For me, my sense memory was locked and low, low-dead in the mid 90’s.

I see it, smell it now. I was looking up in the pantry in my rented bungalow at a can of Pork ‘N Beans and a bag of instant brown rice, and saying, "I’m splurging tonight, I am mixing the two for the main dish."

My sense memory pales to many. But my sense memory is never gone. It is 20 pounds of NOS to the reservoir when things get a bit stale or tiresome.

It can all come back. It can all come back. Don’t fool yourself. (See infomercial hosts or VH1's Surreal Life).

It drives this crazy son of bitch. It drives me to sleepless nights but to great night sleeps, to long night drives but great night walks. Walks with a high ball in hand and a ball while I’m doing this!

That's what I Freakin' think.


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