This is the Statt Mann Baby!! Time to Scatt a little bit.

Have you been watching the success Scott Speed is having racing stock cars?

Last night he won his second ARCA race on a Michigan short track. A Saturday night short track win on a small, four-tenths of a mile, speedway is a LONG way from any Formula 1 venue in Speed’s past.

He even beat ARCA icon Frank Kimmel last night. In fact, Scott Speed is ahead of Kimmel in season points and only 55 out of first.

He could make that up next weekend when ARCA stops at Pocono with the Cup guys. Wouldn’t that be convenient in front of the Cup team owners like Roger Penske who’s looking for a new driver?

Scott Speed’s patience at this point in his career is impressive. Most drivers who’ve been to the F1 mountaintop arrogantly believe they can drive anything and they’re ready to Danica anyone who gets in their way.

But Speed has told the SpeedFreaks and he’s indicated to everyone watching that he’s content learning how to drive a massive stock car or truck and winning in the meantime isn’t bad for the ego either.

Scott Speed and patience, who would have thunk it when he literally was banging around in those F1 cars?