This is the Statt Mann Baby.  Time to Scatt a little bit.

The 50th annual Baja 1000 was run this week with the headline story being a driver listed as DNF even though he drove the last 325 miles to the finish line in La Paz.
Max Gordon
I’m talking about Robby Gordon’s 9-year-old son Max Gordon.  Yes, I said 9-years-old.  And no matter what you think about Young Guns in racing, that feat is amazing and should be applauded.

There’s all sorts of confusion, though.  Social media the last couple days has been ablaze with stories about Max’s accomplishment.  But the SCORE rules say a driver must be 18.  Max isn’t.  He also wasn’t listed on the official entry form with Sheldon Creed, Todd Romano and Robby.

And worse, their entry is listed with a different number than what was on the plate in the pictures from the race.

I’m told that Max might have been inserted into the car on the fly, so to speak, and he did the rest.  So, even though he finished, Max is officially listed as DNF on the SCORE website.

Sad for the kid. He has a great story to tell anyone who’ll listen but SCORE won’t honor that, at least for now.  Maybe that’ll change.  No one from SCORE would respond to my pleas for help.  But that’s pretty normal.