This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

An idea is floating around the NBA that would raise the minimum age for players from 19 to 20.

The 19 year limit is in the current collective bargaining agreement.  Raising it to 20 would need to be a part of the next collective bargaining agreement in a couple years.

Current NBA Commissioner David Stern favors the move to keep kids in college another year to give them a chance at maturity both as men and as professional basketball players.

NASCAR has an 18 year-old age limit for drivers in any of its national racing series and only 16(!) in its Camping World Series or what used to be Grand National West.

A high school diploma isn’t necessary.

Now you can say what you want to about the NBA and its players and I’ve heard all the arguments from many of you.  But at least the NBA is making the gesture of requiring its players have at least minimal educations and maturity before they’re thrown at the wolf pack of professionalism.

Saying a kid is ready for the majors just because he can drain a three or go three wide into a turn is a mistake for both sanctioning bodies.

What does anyone gain by hiring savants who learn how to do one thing well before they learn how to throw their lives against a wall just to see what sticks?