This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Ryan  NewmanI’m one of the millions who’ve watched in amazement at the recovery road being traveled by NASCAR driver Ryan Newman.

I’m even more satisfied that Newman isn’t at the racetrack in Las Vegas this weekend. Newman did send a written statement read today by his Roush Fenway team executive Steve Newmark.

The statement said Newman is being treated for a head injury. I’d like to think the new car spec from NASCAR saved Newman’s life. Just being further away from the door probably helped limit Newman’s injuries when he was slammed by Corey LaJoie’s racer on the last lap at Daytona .

There’s concern, though, that no one’s saying what the head injuries are. We can assume concussion but that’s just an assumption.

Newman’s medical injuries are none of my business certainly. I’m just glad he’s still here, recovering and not at a racetrack or in a race car today. Hopefully the doctors will keep him out, with no external pressures to return, for as long as it takes to get him completely recovered. And maybe playing with his daughters.