This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

I’m not saying who’s to blame for the truck series fight this weekend in Loudon.   But I can certainly understand where the frustrations come from.

I have a problem with rubber racing rules that allow one driver to write off another’s half million dollar race car and million dollar team effort without fear of penalty.

All that money and effort is thrown against the wall just because a guy can’t get around you so he tears up your equipment and shrugs that rubbin’s racin.’

That’s not racin’ that’s rasslin!’  Only in rasslin’ when the guy is thrown into the crowd it’s part of the script.  Where’s the competition in crashing a guy out of the race?

Short tracks don’t have that problem.  If you hit a guy and send him into the wall, you go to the back of the line.  You’re not out of the race but the advantage you gained by sending another guy home is lost.

It’s a standard rule at NASCAR sanctioned events.  Why it doesn’t move forward to the major leagues of Cup, Nationwide or truck racing is beyond me.

Racing says it’s better than stick and ball sports but in football if you hold a guy or clip him you get penalized often taking points off the board.  In baseball and basketball you can get ejected from the game if you do something that sends your opponent to the sidelines.  That’s because those sports are selling competition instead of entertainment.

NASCAR brags that real fans don’t come for crashes.  But it’s hard not to cheer for them when the crash is part of the weekend script.

If the fight becomes part of the script, how long before we have the WWN?

Not long I guess when you’re already selling the show as entertainment.