This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Back in the early days of SpeedFreaks we concentrated a lot on the NASCAR truck series. The winners would call in every Sunday night.

And so many of those winner’s calls were with Ron Hornaday, the winningest driver in truck series history. Hornaday was in the series from its inception in 1995. He won 51 races and four series championships. Ron was a man!

So many NASCAR champions give lip service to their fans but won’t show up to be around their fans unless someone pays them some money. In some cases they quoted the Freaks tens of thousands of dollars for an appearance.
03-0400_HornadaySF Party

Hornaday, though, would come to the SpeedFreaks parties, sit and talk, laugh, pose for pictures, sign autographs and, generally, do what you do at a party: have fun. The picture above is from April, 2003.

Hornaday this week was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame with others in the 2018 class. No short track veteran is more deserving. Athletes and competitors can’t do more than win with the equipment they’re given against the people they compete against.

Hornaday did all of that. In spades. He helped make the series. He helped make the Freaks. Glad someone else noticed.