This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Quite a show at the end of Saturday’s Busch race at The Glen; especially Robby Gordon’s maniacal effort to pass Kurt Busch in the last few corners for the win.

Gordon was generally faster than Busch especially at the famed Bus Stop on the back side of the road course.  That’s where Gordon all but threw his car at Busch in an effort to get around him.

It wasn’t pretty but racing often isn’t.

For his effort, Robby was dismissed by Busch.  He tried to pull his punches but he warned kids to forget Gordon if they wanted to learn road racing.

Funny but Robby has three road course wins in Cup.  Busch?  None.

Many Cup guys have forgotten Robby’s desperation.  They have staffs for “unsightly things of that nature.” 

Some might even feel a divine right to win especially in the Busch series.  They might think, “If I’m in front of you, leave me alone!!”

Thankfully there are guys like Robby who will risk the dive into the deep if there’s a win on the other side of the pool.