I'm not a "driver fan," but Robby Gordon's dance in the desert could almost put me over the edge to actually say I'm a now a bona fide fan. To do what no American has ever done in winning a stage or two, then having to regroup after that wild barrel roll through the sand, then have to change his focus to act as Jutta's mechanic for the final few stages, it takes a pretty charitable person to put one's ego aside and hand over your own parts so your team mate can still make the podium.

I've been a Dakar follower for years and so looked forward to watching the coverage on SpeedTV again this year only to learn days prior to the start that there was no coverage for '05. Speed completely missed the boat after "grooming" their audience to learn to "know" the rally over the past four or five years, have a true American hero (NASCAR-style) participate and then not broadcast the show for the hoards of fans that would have surely enjoyed the event on TV.

Instead, we've suffered through bobsledding and luge. I'd sooner hear Toby Moody read the phone book than watch two or four guys touching each other sliding across the ice like Ice Capades on crack.

Much thanks for your tribute to Fabrizio as well. The only other guy besides Kneivel and my brother whom I so admired on two wheels, was the Lion of the Desert. RIP Meoni.


ps.. welcome back from Barcelona – the forwarded poem/cartoon was done prior to Dakar in anticipation of Gordon doing well – enjoy!

Red Bull on Camel Grass
by Lori Munro

Swirling dust and gone in a flash, It's Red Bull on camel grass
A Touareg on tour in the hot desert sun, This NASCAR driver's version of fun
From Cerritos to Spain and then on again, Running "Harry Flatters" in sunshine, nighttime and rain
Morocco and Mauritania and then on to Mali, Oh were is the bivouac, lets stop a bit, shall we?
Day after day you'd think one would tire, But this sure does beat a telemetry box fire
No road racing here, no green white checkers, Its all or nothing, it's glory or wreckers
A race to the end, a personal test, And you can bet Gordon will do his best
Nature's landscape of desert with sunshine red glows, And an end to it all when he gets to Lac Rose