This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

I’m still chuckling about a line in this morning’s Doonesbury.

Out of context now; in one of the panels, a soldier said that person “doesn’t think about anything.  He just believes things, so he’s never conflicted by reality.”

Does that describe you as a race fan?  Do you ignore the dull races or the talent-free drivers or the team-favoring rules just to say your favorite racing is the best of all?

Fans can be fanatics and I understand that.  Some things get greater preference in my mental racing grid too.

But don’t just blindly believe.  Blinders and blind faith lead to all sorts of missteps and stumbles. Just like in real life there can be right, wrong and belief.  I don’t care if you love NASCAR or Champ Car or Sprint Cars or Sports Cars. 

Nothing should get in the way of thought.  When we give up thought for beliefs, we’ll believe anything.  We'll even buy a lie.   And who wants to live a lie?

I don't!