This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Some iconic names in the global rally world this week.

Sebastien LoebFirst, nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb scored a break through win in World Rallycross in Latvia. Loeb is the first driver ever to win events in three different FIA World Championships: World RX, the WRC and the World Touring Car Championship.

Then, in the World Rally Championship at the Tour de Corse, Sebastian Ogier won the event in a casual drive. But the win on an island off the coast of France allowed Ogier to move to the doorstep of his fourth straight WRC title.
If he gets the title he’ll be only the fourth driver to get four championships.

One of those drivers is Tommi Makinen who’s currently building a rally program for Toyota. This week Toyota and Makinen announced team title partnership with Microsoft. A significant partner, obviously.

But get this, this weekend’s Tour de Corse round won by Red Bull driver Ogier was sponsored by a Spanish energy drink called Che Guevara. It’s even using the iconic face of the Cuban revolutionary in its logo.

CheGuevara Energy Drink

Among other things Che Guevara Energy Drink is encouraging the world to revolutionize itself away from monsters.