This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

While the world loses its collective mind over the movie Black Panther, let’s take a moment for a different take. The movie going public needs a Black Panther every generation or so to realize that black Super Hero brilliance is real and might live next door.

Black Panther

Sometimes it makes its presence known in packages called LeBron James. Other times it’s called Willie, who comes home at night, supports his wife and kids and doesn’t want a cookie for doing it.

Darrell Wallace200In the world of motorsports we saw Darrell Wallace last week be treated like a Super Hero for running second at the Daytona 500.

So what happens when Wallace takes his rookie experience into the rest of the NASCAR season and battles all the drivers and fans who aren’t happy with his presence in the Cup series.

It’s amazing that Black Panther, a mythical hero from a mythical African nation supported by a make-believe miracle mineral was all created by two white Jewish writers more than 50 years ago. Black Panther isn’t a documentary.

Darrell Wallace, on the other hand, is a real man fighting real battles in real-world races. Wallace is creating a documentary every weekend in some Southern reality where getting off the freeway at the wrong time and place could cost him his life.

Here’s hoping the hyperbole in both storylines will calm down. Soon.