This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.


The Red Bull Global Rallycross Series could be at a crossroads like some X Games Figure 8 competition.

The season opened this weekend in Phoenix. Only eleven Supercars showed up. In fact, there’s only twelve drivers listed on the series website. One of those doesn’t plan on running many, if any, of the season’s twelve events spread across eight weekends.

I’m told there are drivers being paid to field teams. But that’s not new. That’s happening in IMSA.

The point is the series isn’t growing despite a new manufacturer showing up this year. After seven full years of competition the series has become a television show bankrolled by Red Bull. Competitors can’t afford to compete. Fans aren’t standing in line for tickets. The TV show ratings aren’t growing but, then, neither are NASCAR’s.

One of the series biggest stars, a championship contender, left the series this year to run internationally. He’d rather spend more money running around the world than win events and maybe a championship here at home.

The series is at a crossroads. Maybe that’s a reason to watch. It might be the best reality show in motorsports.