This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Great show Saturday night at Irwindale Speedway.  The Formula D Finale produced a champion and thousands of fans who filled the seats and several sponsor chalets at trackside.

I’m told 53 cars tried to qualify for the final 16 that ran under the lights.  Even teams that qualified everywhere else this season were sent home.

The show at Irwindale is becoming the Formula Drift Super Bowl.

But the quote of the night came from one of my media center buddies who is as far from the stereotypical drift demo as you can get.

He’s not urban.  He’s not young.  He’s not even a sport compact fan.  USAC open wheel usually floats his boat.

But we sat there watching the brackets dwindle down to a champion and learning what the judges are looking at to figure out a round winner.  We were even making sense of the nuance to pick the upsets.

But the line that floored me came at the end.  My friend turned and said: “I wish I knew when this was going to be on television because I want to see it again.”

Quite a drift show indeed.