Only in the Great Lone Star State will you find reminders of the old days of racing.

Sunday's Samsung/Radio Shack 500 reminded me of the races in the 70's, and with the visit from Greg Biffle's girlfriend Nicole to Kurt Busch's fiance' Eva, I was reminded of when family and friends worked in the pits at NASCAR's events, and there was always a scuffle going on! Now no punches were thrown on Sunday, But some verbal fur did fly.

And I am wondering what, if anything, NASCAR could or would do. neither of these women are employed by any team, they are not married to the drivers, But are basically guests. And the entertainment value had to be worth millions.  And with NBC's ridiculous behavior at Martinsville, to try to make up some news, Like there isn't enough horror out there to report. I wonder why they are mad at us? Maybe because we complain about their coverage? Which even I stated, has improved greatly! Or because this is their last year with NASCAR? But then NBC has never liked the South! They always try to make us look like a bunch of uneducated idiots!
I am proud to be Southern, I am proud of my heritage and to quote Gretchen Wilson: "Here's to all my sisters, keeping it country, Let me hear a big Hell Yeah, from the Redneck girls like me!"
So let NBC try to make us look bad, all they are doing is proving my point. NASCAR Rocks and Rules in America, if it didn't, would any one care what we did? Hell NO!  I hope NASCAR puts a boxing ring at each track, at least then, we could enjoy the passion, that seems to be lacking on the track. And maybe all the double venues that have yet to sell out both races, will do so. We the fans love the fur flying, both on and off the track.

So thank you Nicole, for bringing some extra Sunday excitement into our lives. The more I thought about the incident, the bigger the smile on my face got. I would have paid big bucks to have seen it firsthand and live. It is NASCAR, it is Tradition, it is forever burned into our souls. NASCAR brings together the masses, the rich, the poor, and the middleman. It is the one sport, where no matter, where you come from, what color your skin, how much you earn, or your chosen religion, you are welcomed with open arms. In NASCAR the playing field is level for all fans! So I hope that the media gets off our backs, and reports some good news about this sport! Because anyone who loves it, as I do, know that the good always outweighs the bad in this sport. Well, most of the time! But how fun would a race be, if nothing ever happened?

Sunday's excitement? Just another day in the world of NASCAR's past, coming back to make us all proud!

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter. And I hope everyone will remember as another holiday approaches, The men and women who are proudly defending this great country of ours, The United States Military!
So as I always say:
Pull those belts tight, the greens gonna fly!
And this ain't no ordinary ride!

Poet K. A. Steffek
Kimberly A. Steffek
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