This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Formula D logoPart of the SpeedFreaks history includes Formula Drift. In fact all three of us happened to be at the back of an SUV when Formula D co-founder James Liaw explained to us how he was going to start a series like none other in America.

Then American motorsports knew little or nothing about motor racing that’s judged and not competed wheel to wheel. Well that’s Formula D and it’s found an audience that loves the activity and, more to the point, loves the lifestyle.

Formula D started second to a Japanese drift series. Now it’s the world’s largest with series on other continents in addition to North America.

Now a significant milestone. Formula Drift had reached one million fans on Instagram. For context, that’s the same number listed for NASCAR.

It’s an important mark. Formula Drift is popular with young, tech-savvy fans who buy things that advertisers want to sell them.

So, in fifteen years in a Freak World, Formula Drift has become one of the most popular motorsports out there. Good on ‘em.