This is the Statt Mann Baby. It’s time to Scatt a little bit.

I continue to be completely blown away by Feld Motorsports, in this case the promoters of the Nuclear Cowboyz show.

I saw it last night in Ontario, California. There’s three shows left, two in Mexico and the finale in Houston, Texas. See it if you can.

It’s a show with lasers, legs and loud; loud everything. It’s perfect for the demo their aimed at, probably 8-12 year old adolescents who like loud and writhing bodies.

There’s blondes, brunettes and ballet. There’s bombs, battles, bangs and beats.

It’s what freestyle motocross has become. It’s what it should have been in the first place.

Nuclear Cowboyz is a motorized play with a storyline based in 22nd Century Los Angeles where good guys and bad guys battle over Hollywood. It’s played out in an eight ring circus of light show, motorcycle tricks and music. The image above is from a rehearsal. The shows are sold out!

I asked a Dad after the show if his five year old son knew what was going on. He smiled and said the boy kept asking: Who’s the bad guys?  and What made them bad?

If he had an older brother, that brother would only have to look at the bike stunts and the women. The story line would be clear then.

Nuclear Cowboyz is fun. Fast. Furious. It’s the future. It’s Feld.