This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Every year I take a moment to laugh at the gyrations that NASCAR makes to inject drama into its season championship picture.

Scott DixonAll the rubber rules and artificial points scenarios don’t raise the drama for me. Quite the contrary. Champions should have championship seasons, right? Winning creates drama.

Take IndyCar for example. For 15 consecutive seasons the winner of the season championship has advanced to the last race. No funny business or rubber anything. Fifteen in a row!

This year Scott Dixon outlasted Josef Newgarden at St. Petersburg on Sunday. Newgarden won the race but Dixon got his six championship by finishing third.

The drama went the season from Dixon’s four early wins to Newgarden’s charge at the end. Racing’s funny like that.
Champions create championship drama while building championship seasons and fans, real racing fans like me, are glad they do.