This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

Some humor just past noon Sunday outside Willows, California. That’s when the 25 Hours of Thunderhill came to an end with the Davidson Racing Norma taking the Checkered Flag into Victory Lane.

And listen to this driver lineup including Brian Frisselle, Randy Pobst, Alex Lloyd and Kyle Marcelli winning by some 21 laps over the Ehret Racing Porsche. That’s a professional lineup to be sure.

It’s always cool to see the Thunderhill race grow in stature. It started as a fun event for sportsmen racers. Now it’s a wonderful end of the season mind and body endurance challenge testing everyone involved.

Even the people who webcast all 25 hours of the race became emotional this afternoon when they signed off from their web stream.

But the real fun was when the winning Norma prototype stopped to pick up the Checkered Flag and do some celebratory donuts. But the car chugged to a halt and the crew couldn’t get it started again no matter how many times they pushed it  and believe me they tried.

There’s a saying in racing that the perfect race car is the one that crosses the finish line in first then falls apart. The Norma didn’t fall apart as much as it surrendered. And wouldn’t you after a 25 hour chase through the hills of Northern California?