Every week I get e-mails from sparkling Kool-Aid drinkin’, mini trout egg chompin’ motorheads telling me how much BETTER F-1 is than NASCAR.

So today I decided to fire up the season finale of Formula 1 while I snorkeled down my first goblets of coffee waiting for the NASCAR race to start.  Impressive… DAMN impressive course… Spiffy looking bad-ass F-16 Fighter Jet style rigs, too.

But there were ALSO a few jockeys that would’ve made Juan “probably rear-end ya” Montoya look like the poster boy for Allstate Insurance’s safe driver program!  At least NASCAR drivers don’t take a Baja 1000 off track detour and then come back ON the track 80 miles an hour slower… in FRONT of their fellow drivers!!  Or better yet, taking the ass end OFF their buddies cars!!  The vintage violin-like Ferraris are more fragile than Ryan Seacrest.  If you pull on the gas nozzle too hard, you yank the front end out of alignment.

I’ll take the NASCAR truck series any day.  At least I can tear the fenders off of it, add a few coats of my competitors paint on the back stretch OR pit road, and WIN a race on a short track, Road Course, OR a Superspeedway… grab the trophy, crack open a good old American frosty, and throw a Christmas tree in the back on my way home!!  And for the record, I think fish eggs suck ass!!! 

I’ll be firing up the Nextel to Dominos Pizza!

This is Nuttz on NASCAR