This is the Statt Mann Baby. It's time to Scatt a little bit.

It was cool to see Travis Pastrana get his win in the Global Rallycross round at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last night.

He’s had such bad luck this season. Those four stage rally championships seem so far away at this point in his career.

The success at New Hampshire is more important to Travis because this is his team. It isn’t with Subaru. It’s not a Toyota NASCAR effort. This is Travis Pastrana Racing and it follows a couple outings where people punted him into the wall or the car quit around him.

The Freaks have known Travis since he was a teenager in Supercross then Freestyle Motocross. I’ve laughed with him over a bottle of rum after a rally in some unknown woods.

And I’ve seen the sincerity in his eyes when he’s expressed his desire to be more than an asterisk in the motor racing headlines. Travis wants the challenge of Travis Pastrana Racing.

You might say it’s the only thing that makes sense when you talk about his dive into the weirdness of NASCAR.

I hope this win Saturday night in New Hampshire wasn’t an anomaly. What little I know of Travis, it wasn’t. Once he grabs the brass ring, he’s not about polishing it.  He’s about grabbing another as soon as possible.