The Formula One season opens this week in Bahrain. Lots of new stuff. Lots of new headlines, driver lineups, driver dreams and engineering ideas.

Colton HertaA welcome headline this week has American Colton Herta getting a test driver deal from McLaren, run by
an American Zak Brown. That synergy is the point of disappointment over what’s happening at Haas F1.

That relationship with Russia may sack the team. Wouldn’t surprise me if Haas sells out to Michael Andretti. But that’s not a headline. That’s pure speculation on my part.

I just hope Herta has grown into the Big Boy discipline to be successful in F1. He didn’t have it at Nashville last year. Hopefully his race craft has grown beyond his years.

Michael Andretti is saying he’s made inroads with F1 owners after personal conversations recently. If Michael has the money, he should be allowed into the club. If he has the money.

As for F1 owners, if a black drummer is good enough for the gentrified Rolling Stones, why can’t
Michael Andretti be good enough for your gentrified grid? If he has the money.