This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I’ve had a couple text seminars this week, one with an engineer who’s forgotten more than I’ll ever know about motorsport.

I’ve come away with a deeper belief that NASCAR needs to adopt some form of relegation between its Xfinity and Cup racing series. In short, I think teams should earn their way into Cup.
Nascar Cup Logo

It would cut the fields. And probably allow for shorter races and a better television show. There’d be greater meaning to competition on the track and points in the standings. And it would increase the value of an Xfinity position with larger names on the grid in that series.

Thinking out loud, maybe even the truck series should be part of the relegation. No one should be able to buy their way into the highest levels of American motorsport.

At some point a competitor and team need to prove they deserve to be where they are. Relegation and cost caps would increase the value of charter programs.

The races and TV shows would be better. And investors might find a greater return on their investments.

The bulk of the earnings in NASCAR might find its way to the grid where it belongs.