This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I always look for ways to pat NASCAR on the back for good decisions and plans.

An announcement this week to update its concussion protocol is an excellent step in the right direction and long needed.

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For months the Freaks have said concussion and recovery injuries to Dale Earnhardt Jr. would make a difference in NASCAR protocols. Maybe that’s what’s happened here. But whatever triggered the changes they’re long needed for the athletes in the industry.

The biggest safety feature in the new protocol is a traveling crew that should know the drivers medical backgrounds in detail. There’ll be new efforts to evaluate more drivers after more accidents.

Infield care centers will have new diagnostic tools to screen for head injuries.

And NASCAR will work more closely with its new safety partner American Medical Response to find ways to expand the protocol further.

If this works as well as it’s described in this week’s releases, it’ll be a new season for the entire NASCAR industry. And that should be appreciated by everyone interested in the sport.