After last week's 10,000 dollar fine.  I see NASCAR is outdoing themselves this week. I made my usual trip to today, to find that Mr. Rick Hendrick was summoned by NASCAR after Jeff Gordon's Brick celebration. Wonder what that cost em.  It is becoming abundantly clear that NASCAR no longer cares about the fans who helped to build this sport.  Because now they want us to only see only what they want us to, the winner in their PAID for Victory Lane.  Well, this fan wants to see it all. From the fights to the "On the track celebration."

It's bad enough we have to put up with NBC and its affiliates LOUSY weekly coverage. (What they actually show, which ain't much) But now we are just supposed to sit back and let NASCAR screw up our sport. Maybe the fans should strike. I bet empty seats would get NASCAR and ISC's attention.  And this is America's Sport, keep it here in AMERICA!!! 

Thank you,
Poet K. A. Steffek