This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

NOPI Motorsports this week canceled the remainder of its 2008 sport compact drag racing season. 

This comes after two events in Utah and Colorado were set aside weeks ago.

Blame the economy or personal issues with NOPI leadership but the real problem might be a growing pox on all motorsport.

The pimps, promoters and panderers who turned motorsport into showtime have made the motorsport bottom line unreasonable and unattainable for most concerned.

On the other hand, look at things like the Battle of the Imports series, where the emphasis is on sportsman and grassroots racers.  The people who run that business told me the other day that they’re in the middle of three straight years of sponsorship growth.

That tells me the motorsport isn’t dead, just the carnival barkers who want to get rich and leave town before it’s found out the show in the tent isn’t worth the big ticket.

Are you watching stock car racing?  Major sponsors already are poking you with a sharp pencil and, eventually, Wall Street won’t bankroll your greed.

Look at five dollar gas.  In case you haven’t heard, greed is no longer good!