Dale Jr. has more fans than ANY NFL, NBA or Major League Baseball player.  He sells more products than Brad, Angelina and Tom Cruise sell movie seats… AND gets more internet hits than Paris Hilton, Pac Man Jones and Bald Headed Britney!  But the place he needs a few friends… and even a little love… he just can't BUY a buddy. 

You can't find even ONE driver to drop some negative lumber on Junior when the cameras are on.  In FACT, most of them piggyback ANY chance to milk some of his Mojo for their own benefit.  But none, and I mean NONE of them help him when a win is on the line.

Yeah, I know he finished great in Bristol and 7th today at Martinsville.  But that was because he's having to be that much BETTER than ever.  He really doesn't have any friends out there.  And his teammates aren't in the Shake & Bake Talladega Night's slingshot position at money time when he maybe COULD count on them. He's definitely NASCAR's most popular driver to the fans… but that won't help him with 3 laps to go a Talladega UNLESS he sends out 42 sporty Christmas gifts to a bunch of guys that aren't in the giving mood.

This is Nuttz on NASCAR.