This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

The analytic world is big on the NFL underdogs this season. The numbers say the underdogs win two out of three times against the spread. Odds like that are how Las Vegas transformed the Southern Nevada desert.

But I’ve been saying that in the motorsports world all season.

The Old Skool winners are in the background baying at the checkered flags right now. The new school divers have locked those dogs out in the cold. In fact, three of NASCAR’s Final Four were under thirty. Youngsters in racing.

Erica EndersBrittany ForceIn drag racing, the two queens of the sport, Erica Enders and Brittany Force, are both under 40. That’s young for a sport where champions can dip into the 70s.

The Freaks have seen several changes of the guard in our 20 plus years.

Seems like we’re in the midst of another. And I love every minute of that green light.