This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit…

It made me feel good when I read about Formula One drivers meeting for four hours Friday night. There
was concern after rebel actions in Saudi blew up an oil depot near the racetrack in Jeddah.

Rebel Attack SaudiThe rebels want attention as they fight for a voice in their government in Yemen where people are starving and dying during a stalemated civil war. Eventually the drivers agreed to race when officials said the track would be secure.

There are many who are frustrated because they believe there should be a place in the world that’s free of politics.

A place where we can ignore attacks on the free transfer of governmental power.

A place where we can ignore children dying from starvation and missile attacks.

A place where we can ignore things that are not comfortable.

Even Formula One drivers came out of that closet the last two years over global arguments about racial diversity. In short, that closet shouldn’t exist.

So, men, women and children are abused, starved and killed worldwide because they have the audacity to want to be.

Now, do we have the right to ignore them in the name of enjoying our own entertainment? I don’t think so.