This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit…

Let me join the list of motor sport fans who are disappointed that Michael Andretti wasn’t able to buy his way into Formula 1.

He was working on a deal to buy out Sauber Racing and take over the Alfa Romeo team on the F1 grid.

Word said Andretti was supposed to close the deal while the F1 teams were in Austin, Texas last weekend. But that all collapsed with some mystery.

I’m offering something that’s purely speculation. And let me emphasize purely speculation but it’s where talks wind up these days.

Andretti Autosport has far less than 200 thousand followers in its social media universe. Alfa Romeo Racing? More than three million.

If you want a reason, there’s one. Sponsors want to know that you can offer value added far beyond names on the car and merch. Social media does that. Size indeed matters in that important universe.

American race teams will eventually understand the depth of that reality.