This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Extreme E logoAs we learn sim racing along comes Extreme E. It’s a series run with electric SUVs in remote parts of the world where the environment is challenged.

Andretti Autosport this week announced plans to compete in the global odyssey. Andretti is the sixth team to announce and the first Americans.

The plan calls for five rounds of competition, each taking two days. Organizers hope the series will raise our awareness of climate change.

Starting next year, the racing will be staged in some of the most beautiful, remote and severely damaged locations in Brazil, Greenland, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and Dakar West Africa.

Organizers hope to draw attention to global warming, the melting polar ice, rising sea levels, deforestation, plastic pollution, drought and more.

I know some of you listening think that’s all a media hoax. But there are many who disagree and they’re willing to spend their money to help reverse the problem. Personally, I hope Extreme E succeeds.