This is the Statt Mann baby!  Let’s Scatt a little bit.

Lugg and I spent some time Saturday with Grand-Am driving star Max Papis.  He was telling us about last week at Watkins Glen. Papis said he was watching the race with Boris Said when the people at Gibbs Racing appeared looking for someone to replace a sick Tony Stewart.

By the time the TV cameras discovered the story, Boris was standing by ready to take over.  But Max told us they came to him first.  He hesitated saying he’d never driven a Cup car before.

But “I say ‘what about Boris?’  He was right there in front of me.  I said ‘why don’t you ask him?  He has more experience on this kind of car.'

"And all of a sudden, from watching the race – me and Boris – he goes away and comes back with a fire suit on!”

Stewart went ahead, obviously, and finished the race anyway getting the victory.

But, as legendary radio commentator Paul Harvey would say, "and that’s the rest of the story!"