This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

The Long Beach Grand Prix goes back to 1975 but there’s a problem.

There’s a proposal that could take the east end of the track, including the famous Shoreline hairpin, and turn it into a baseball stadium for the Los Angeles Angels Major League Baseball team.

LBGP 2019

The Angels lease at Anaheim Stadium runs out after the 2020 season. So the talk now is about renovating Anaheim Stadium or building a new one, maybe in Long Beach.

The Grand Prix is considered America’s most popular street race with IndyCar and IMSA headlining the weekend. The city’s latest contract with the race runs through 2023. But the city might have some opt outs in there.

Whatever happens I’d put my money on Race President Jim Michaelian. He’s fought off many efforts to shut it down.

The race saved Long Beach. The city was a dump before the race came. I’d put my money on Michaelian to keep it going.