The New Year was kicked off in true Free-ak Style.  Where else but Barcelona, Spain for the '05 Dakar Rally.

I was tippin'em back and blowin' horns with some of the greatest names in motorsports, and in humanity for that manner.  In fact, I was ten feet away from a madman getting set to ride through the wilds of Africa.  What was HE doing at the stroke of midnight?  Topless and raging with all of us.

It's been a thoughtful two weeks into the new year and here are a couple of my observations…already:

-THE MAN from a major motorcycle manufacturer walked up to me in the Knot Hole Club in Angel Stadium during the first Anaheim SX and offered the SpeedFreaks a bike to give away.  O.K.

Anaheim SX…Moto GP Champ Kevin Schwantz said he wasn't "big enough" to come in the SpeedFreaks Pits now. Pu-lease!

-Anaheim SX…Jack and Ann McGrath, yes the SX Kings' parentals, dropped by to enlighten the Freak Nation like THEY only can.  There is a big and bad and bitchin' storm a brewin' in Riverside County, CA.

Anaheim SX…Moto GP star Nicky Hayden made a fly by to hug the Freaks for the New Year.

Anaheim SX…Some have said, including our own, the muddoggin' for the Supercross riders for Anaheim 1 took the skill out of the ride.  Your right.  It takes no skill for a World Rally or Dakar pilot to maneuver through rain, sleet and snow.  Oh, but SX'ers are on bikes.  I almost forgot.  Bikes.  Yea.

-Chip Ganassi is Chip Ganassi.  He is a Freak Nation inductee.

-SpeedFreaks are still trying to find room to get Kevin Harvick on the show sometime this year.

-Kevin Windham wears ladies underwear.  Why?  No man pants could have held his balls to win the SX mud pie at Anaheim 1.

-Ron Capps will win a race this year.

Barry Bonds will not win a race this year.

-Sammy Sosa is out of the race.

-An American will win a race in Champ Car.  Won't she?

-Randy Moss and Terrell Owens should have a man baby.  Then ask Romanowski to be the God Father.

…Let's drink.