This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I might be the world’s worst film critic. I tend to tell people what I really think of a film.

That being said, though, I saw Gran Turismo last night and kind of liked it.

Jann MardenboroughIt’s the story of Brit Jann Mardenborough, a gamer who won a global competition and became a professional driver for Nissan.

It’s over spiced with the stale cliches and stereotypes found in all racing films. But there’s good drama in the last hour that made it worth watching. Even if you’re not a motorsports fan.

Blending gamer tech with racer tech didn’t hurt either.

Gran Turismo opens nationally next weekend.

I had conversations with Jann as he was making the transition from gamer to racer ten years ago. He was deeply involved in the making of this film, including Executive Producer and stunt driver credits.

Troubling though is the film that leads you to believe Jann won the first Gran Turismo competition. He didn’t. That was Lucas Ordonez of Spain. Jann won the third.

I told you my film critic chops need work.