This is the Statt Mann Baby. It's time to Scat a little bit.

I’m growing extremely weary of the criticism being directed at Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, the World Driving Champion in 2008.

The dips into the world of stereotype are alarming whether they’re meant or done by accident. This weekend in Korea he was sharply criticized because he wasn’t happy enough. The implication is that they liked him better when he was smiling and dancing and… well you get the rest.

When he was driving at 110 percent of his McLaren’s ability, he was accused of taking risks that threatened others on the track.

When he won the Pole in Korea and didn’t dance and scream like defending World Champion Sebastian Vettel he was in the headlines with people hinting that Hamilton was sullen and moody.

This may go to my growing alarm with the so-called experts in every sport who have very few original thoughts and pile on based on what “everyone” is saying.

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with Vettel’s brilliance. Just like there’s no difference between the Hamilton who won the title three years ago and the one competing for it now.

There was even more speculation that Hamilton and his team were at odds because of the way he talked with them on the radio during the race.

I don’t know if there’s a problem. But I do know that when the charges of rough driving were being leveled at Hamilton earlier this year I didn’t see much from his team coming to Hamilton’s defense.

Maybe if they gave him a better car he wouldn’t have to drive it beyond its limits, threatening his life and limb, to get the Podium results he’s achieving.

Just get off his back!