This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

Not enough is being made of it but former Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica is closing in on his first rally championship.

Kubica and his co-driver Maciek Baran ran flawlessly at Rally France this weekend to win their fourth event of the season in WRC2 for less modified WRC championship machines.

Kubica and Baran run for Citroen and can win the championship at the next round in Spain.

The significance of this is where Kubica has come from as a motor racing competitor. A couple years ago he was running in an Italian national rally when he lost control of the car and skewered it on an Armco barrier, piercing his arm and nearly killing himself and the co-driver.

But Kubica survived, put his considerable skills back together in rallying and now he’s on the verge of a major international championship.

The win in France was on tarmac which should have favored Kubica but there was rain and mud in the corners requiring great attention to detail.

A championship at this level is considerable evidence that Kubica can get all the way back as a driver even if he doesn’t return to F1. And it’s proof that you can’t dampen the spirit of a true competitor no matter what the contest is.